A Space Cowboy Tree Redneck Take Down Fiasco

A Space Cowboy Tree Redneck Take Down Fiasco
picture of Liam wearing a santa hat and beard while making the rock and roll sign of the horns with his hand

AI Store Artificial Christmas Tree

This is a great little tree. Super Easy to assemble.

Mind the needles, though. However, it comes with nylon gloves to protect you from the prickly things which can cause itchiness, at least, on me. I mean, HOW THOUGHTFUL was that? Right?

There is vid of me taking the last of it down.

It was a lot easier to taking down, which is the plus I was looking for. You know how it is if you have dealt with huge, heavy artificial trees before. This 7-footer was a bliss to put up. Lightweight and just simply a bliss.

The decorations/ornaments it came with, were enough, though, it came with EXTRAS everything, i.e., hooks and thread-loops for the extra ornaments it came with.

Cheers, my friend. I hope this helps you on your next Christmas Tree search and purchase.

This is Liam, from AlienCountry

P.S. I got this tree on Amazon.com

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