Ford Tractor, Cowboy Hat and Music to Boot

I broke my back doing a bit of garden work years ago. Now, this was way before I acquired the old Ford tractor I now have. Anyway, working in the garden was A LOT of fun until that point. I mean, I tried growing everything except beans and tomatoes. Nothing worked except for two native Florida guava trees I had. When they started fruiting… YEEEhaaa! I can’t tell you how EXCITING of an experience that was. Those little trees grew to be like 10 feet high and gave pounds and pounds of fruit each year.

Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to ’em when we moved. Now, we have a lot more land and a Ford 1949 tractor to drive around, cut the insidious Florida weeds and create trails all around the plat. FUN! In a new sorta way.

Here is me with the 50 year lady, as the previous owner called her.


I can’t remember having this much fun with a tractor. First go at it was about a week ago. I spent about four hours cutting the 3.3 acres we got. 3 HOURS. Yeah, I had a bit of trouble and it was POURING rain. Not easy with the lady either. She is a bit delicate with the high grass I cut. I had to go at it twice… high PTO… then again with a lower PTO setting.

I went back to use my new disk this past weekend… ‘DA GRASS IS READY FOR ANOTHER TRIMMIN’

I’ll post some pics of the disk I got from this guy that works at my electric company… Withlachoochee River Electric Cooperative. U won’t believe it. The story goes that I used the wrong sorta vehicle to carry the darn sharp tractor disk. Lol The gent I purchased it from went ahead and took a picture of it. I thought it was strange, but he thought that what I was doing with the disk was a lot stranger. I realized his point of view and humor a few seconds later, and laughed with him. I told him, “Well, that sure is a redneck sorta way to do it, eh? Don’t ya think?” He laughed a bit harder and nodded in agreement. Who needs a pickup truck when ya have a MAN VAN?

Ha ha ha 🙂

Liam Marcus