Landing Awesome Free Movement Around

I woke up to this beauty this morning. Sat down on the newly water-resistant coated picnic table… and…

RELAXED. I did relax for a bit. Actually, did it for just about 30 seconds before one of the offspring hollered,”I wanna go back inside the house! There’s WASPS around the trampoline!” I got up, and walked over to the check the mayhem that had ensued. NOTHING. The little ones had misjudge the flying, awesome looking dragonflies for wasps. That was all.

Regardless, the little issue had escalated in their minds beyond any chance of staying on the trampoline or outside for a bit longer. It was way too bad. It felt GREAT outside today. Yesterday? Yesterday was a totally different story. It was already like 100 degrees outside by 9 am. I know, ‘cuz I WAS outside… erecting a trampoline with my 10-year old son.


LOL There are A LOT of bugs I have never seen before on this lot. I have seen quite a few interesting bugs in my life time, but this piece of land is riddled with them. LOL After all, what would you expect to find in a RAW, never built, never touched lot, right?

So, mind you, I don’t mind them much AND they seem like a lot of fun for the older one, but, seriously… there are A LOT of insects roaming and flying around freely in this lot.

Among other things, deer.

LOL Got here in the late evening the other night and caught a deer in the headlights… ah, for about 30 seconds. I was too far away to freeze it. Anyway, isn’t that awesome?

I had an excavator come over and he was telling me about how he’s seen PANTHERS and BLACK BEARS in his 10 acres. Uh, WOW I may yet get those here too. That’s a bit frightening, though.

What do you think?