"Great album! Some very cool tracks."

Hugh Syme, musician and Art Director for The Outlaws, The Allman Brothers, The Band, Brian Setzer and The Stray Cats, Rush, and more.

“I’ve been looking for a different type of sound for awhile as most current music, to my ears, sounds stale. Your music is definitely what I was looking for.” 

– Robbie N, Alien Country Superfan

“Sounds good! I like it. All of it. I just think Reality Check is a great song.”

- Brian K, Alien Country fan

“A band that serious music listeners should appreciate regardless of root genre.”

- James Moore, CEO of IMP Inc.

"The atmosphere of good 'ol country music the way I remembered it. Bottom line is that I like it very much and it makes me feel good listening to it!”

- Dean P, Alien Country Superfan



Totally cool, quite unlike anything in existence

"Alien Country reflects Liam’s love for country rock and science fiction. Fun is the heart and soul of Alien Country’s sound - a delicious country shuffle."

Randall Radic, music journalist for Blog Critics

boldly going where no country boy has ever gone before

"Make no mistake: this is a country rock album with gritty sing-a-longs about mamas, good times, and blue-collar life. Blood and guts country rock with excellent tunes making the experience worthwhile for more traditional fans."

Barra Ó Súilleabháin for Head Stuff

Finally your fantasies have come true

"Alien Country is a venture that dares to explore sci-fi themes, while in the backdrop, heartfelt country-rocking blues poignantly digs into the roots genre with a propensity for a whole lot of soul and rock. Country-rock in a way that has never before been imagined!"

MY NGUYEN for the Celebrity Cafe

brave, bold, and wholly accessible

"Alien Country’s latest effort is an honorable take on classic Americana. A unique vision to fuse the worlds of country, rock, and science fiction into their own cohesive thing."

Jonathan Frahm of For Folk’s Sake