MTV Transforms Music Career

Being a kid with dreams

Once upon a point in time, in a very far away galaxy, there lived a little boy. This boy dreamed of being an important Rock N’ Roll Star. He breathed it, he lived it, and he worked very hard to, one day, achieve his dream.

His dedication to his musical instrument was not easy. It was riddled with disappointments, ridicule and plain saddening discouragement. To this day, he wondered how, if he was ever going to achieve anything in life, he would do it with the tone-deaf and heartless people all around him. His family. His friends. Everyone was negative and discouraging.

The only things that help him was MTV and an electric guitar he was able to purchase one summer’s day at a pawn shop.

That was me. Was that you too?

There were many years after that when I thought I was crazy to continue to live the dream of being a Rock Star, but I carried on. I pushed on. Regardless of the hurdles, I always found a way to carry myself through the tribulations of a music career.

Thankfully, I realized what I needed. Late, but you know the saying, better late than never. Right? And that is where you come in.

That’s right. You, the members of this posse. It was not the need for stardom. It was not the dreams of being a or becoming a star. It was people like you.

I was never blinded by ambition. I never even thought about it. Being a working musician is hard, especially when you must carry your weigh without a record label to pay for your present and future. The work is what made me realize why I was doing what I was doing. You, the posse.

You see, as much as I enjoy creating music, I cannot just do it for me. I enjoy creating, but when you listen to the music I have put together and you enjoy it…wow! It’s a great experience. It is oxytocin rushing through my veins. And guess what? I want to do it again and again. I want to show you my verse, my imagine-verse.

I know how those experiences make me feel.

I wanna know how it makes YOU feel. Tell me about it RIGHT HERE. I’m listening