“No One Is Coming” now available on YouTube

When I wrote “No One Is Coming For You Tonight,” I was thinking about nothing but a good country vibe. Then, the Alien Country sound… that hammer-on and pull-off thing you hear in most of my music, came about. Poof. Just like that.

I remember sittin’ in my studio thinking, what can I use or put together that no one has done before. I recalled styles many band from the ’80s used… the galloping style and I thought, “Hmm, I can use a simply guitar technique and just over do it a bit” and viola!

Check what this music CRITIC has to say about the entire album:

“Now here’s something refreshingly earnest – Alien Country’s foray into categorical science-fiction western music is nothing short of genial sea of tranquility hospitality…its subtle nods to the entire juxtaposition of country and the final frontier make the record that much more agreeable.” – Jake Tully, music critic for MoxiPop