Pembroke Welsh Corgi Stud Service

Han So-Low is your organic, AKC champion! Do you want your lady to birth puppies who are free of all the major genetic diseases common to corgis? Do you want her pups to be a benefit to the breed as a whole? Your search for the right gentleman is over because Han (aka Worf) is all that and more. 

✅AKC registered, multiple champions in his bloodline

✅Clear of DM, EIC, and VWD1, and he does not carry genes for fluff or blue

✅Organic/raw lifestyle, only non-toxic vaccines – ever!

✅Located in Tampa Bay Area, Florida

✅Live cover available for all Southeast USA

✅Fee or pick of litter

✅In the process of becoming a champion in his own right

Price includes two live cover ties within a four day period during the same female’s heat cycle. By appointment only.

Before purchasing, please be sure you have already read, signed and returned a copy of our Alien Country Corgis Stud Service Contract. If you need to request a contract, please email Liam at