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About Me

Organic corgi puppies from outer-space! I'm Liam Marcus of Alien Country. I make awesome corgi dogs AND awesome country music. My family and I breed & sell AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies raised free of all toxins so you can have the healthiest corgi puppy possible.

2020 Puppies Are Sold Out!

My organic corgi puppies typically sell out before they're two weeks old so get on my waiting list now! Contact me for litter info or visit my Alien Country Corgis Facebook page for litter videos, updates and more.

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My Organic Corgis

My AKC Pembrok Welsh Corgi puppies are unique because they're all natural. Wait, what?! Isn't "all natural" used to describe food? Yeah, but it means the same.

My corgis have never been exposed to chemicals or pesticides - not even those nasty ingredients found in typical vaccines.

They eat only raw meat and high quality, meat only dog food. The only vaccines my dogs and puppies get are natural, homeopathic treatments, and I only use natural flea & tick protection.